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Our family has always been versatile; Artists and craftsman.  Proud of our work ethic and  flexibility.

Richard Henry Trojan

Richard Trojan

Richard “Kelsey”.G. Trojan

Oregon replant since 1981. Constuction interests since high school. 3 years shake bolt rat, 2 seasons on the Billy and I. Worked construction since 1985. Site development, water lines, demolition, hauling.  Jack of All, well versed in South East Alaska, terrain and looking at the environment. Conserving resources and working with what you have.

Kelsey, pianist and percussionist. Hopes to be a NBA player.  Expert shot with air rifle and blow gun. Enthused fisherman .

Accomplished musician; formed Figs and Thistles of Oregon. Master Potter, painter, Raku trained,  and master gardner.  As a musician he converted sheet music to different instruments. A true Renaissance Man, started out teaching college and became independent teacher in Music and Arts.

Oval: Hottie Mom-Bobbie and  Grandmother Fern