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A transplant from Oregon some 30 years ago. Richard started out in the shake bolt business. Arriving on the once a week ferry at 2:30 am into the cold and dark wilderness. He spent 2 seasons fishing on the seine boat,  “Billy and I” with Mac Demmert.  His experience with excavation started 1985. He then ventured out in 1997 with his own company.  His focus was primitive road construction, septic systems, and site development.  His company attempts; to always use the available natural resources  and minimize the impact on the environment. Emergency road recovery is a passion, he has a tug boat and Vietnam era LARC-V for being able to get to sites from the water. The challenges of the bush of Alaska is getting to the site and maintaining your equipment .  With an extreme interest in amphibious vehicles, Richard maintains his own. He has handcrafted a one from scratch “Sally” the salamander.

Text Box: Jack of all, Master of none except excavation !

Sally; aluminum welded and hull design  from scratch. 

Text Box: Make do with what you got
Text Box: And have fun when you can!